419 Scammer Format For Yahoo In 2021 [Working 100%]

419 Scammer Format For Yahoo is what I am going to be talking about today.

Do You Want To learn how to scam using 419 Scammer Format As a Yahoo Boy or Yahoo Girl . Is Easy to use

419 Scammer Format For Yahoo In 2021 [Working 100%]

419 Scammer Format For Yahoo
419 Scammer

This 419 scammer Format for yahoo casted long time ago in some countries but you can still use it in some other countries.

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Many people have use this format back then in the year 2000 and they are swimming in money now.

People the aware of this format is mostly people from USA , UK, Canada and Australia while some countries are not aware of it so their for you can use the 419 scammer Format on those country.

Countries To Target With The 419 Scammer Billing Format For Yahoo

Don’t try taking this type of scamming format to USA because the format has casted their and many of them are aware of it.

419 scammer format for yahoo is just a normal way to tricks some one and get money at of him, we can call it another billing Format use in Yahoo.

I am going to list some countries you can find good client from that are not aware of this 419 scammer Billing Format for yahoo.

Base on taking about USA , UK , Canada , Australia , I am not saying you can’t get a client their , when it comes to getting a client from that side you need to be hard working. That is why you need to go for a county that you can find client easily.

Below are some countries that you can get a client using 419 Dating Format


Countries like

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  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Middle East

    Countries like

  • Malaysia
  • UEA
  • Vietnam
  • Philippians
  • kuwait
  • India
  • Asia

    Countries like:

  • Japan
  • China
  • South Korea
  • The above countries are the country you need to target to see if you can get Client from those countries.
    Since the 419 scammer format has not casted in those countries.
    If you get Any client from those countries listed above, those client must surely fall for this format since they are not aware of the 419 scammer format For Yahoo.

    How Can I Use 419 Scammer Format To Scam A Client

    The next question you will be asking your self now is how to use 419 scammer format to scam a client. Worry no more I go you covered on that.

    Gather emails and Bombs

    This is the process of sending email to the client , you can auto generate email base on the country you want to use the 419 Scammer Format to scam.

    After getting their email , stand sending them email that is depending on the format you want to use and trust me out of 200, 50 people must surely fall.

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    To me , I normally use forex trading scamming format to run my own shit and it works for me.

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    So after That I will list my Price

    100$ To Get 300$ in 3days

    Start from small so they can fall

    When you get the money , run
    When receive payment from them make use of paypal or Bitcoin to avoid any trace.

    Find A Client

    The first step to take before scamming is getting a client, This 419 scammer format can work any were including in Nigeria, so you need to get a client regarding to the type of scam you what to run this 419 Scammer format can be use in Nigeria as 419 Nigerians Scams.

    I explained this at my post on How To Become A Yahoo Boy , See when looking for a client if you are a boy you should ask like a girl if you are a girl , you should act like a boy depending on the type of client you need.

    Qualify Them

    When looking for a client you need to study the client well and no what the client is capable of doing , if the client is the type that have money.

    So study them well that is why I always people to go to instagram because you will surely see rich people to bill their, you can even use Dating Format.

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    Make The Client Your Lover

    Make sure the client is capable and can deliver, Get in touch with him or her and make him or her fall in love with you

    Making your client your lover will help you to archive the follow:

  • They will not Question you too much
  • They will not suspect you
  • You can always try and make them happy when ever they are suspecting you
  • You can convince and manipulate them to send you money since they are already in love with you
  • Making your client to be your lover is when the 419 scammer format will work well, So you need to make your client your lover so you can bill them anytime you want.

    Introduction your business and coveince them

    You can introduce your Business to them and get them scam Using the 419 Scammer Format for yahoo.

    Like I said earlier I make use of forlex Trading scam format To bill my client.

    You can read that above

    Pick up and Run

    When your client send you the money all you have to do is to run so to do that you need to delete anything you have with the client let me say you guys are using WhatsApp and you no that you must be using a fake WhatsApp number so when you successfully scam the Client through the 419 Scammer Format you need to block the client on WhatsApp and start looking for another client.

    Tips To escape to avoid getting caught after using the 419 scam format

    You need to consider some certain things to be save

  • Block all your clients on social media platform
  • Stay on a low key And Make sure you avoid going to party
  • Change your mobile phone and computer
  • Travel out side the country or change your location to another location
  • Conclusion on : 419 Scammer Format For Billing A Client As A Yahoo Boy

    On the final taught I guess you have learnt how to use 419 Scammer Format to scam and bill a client, always run your shit on a low key to avoid police.

    Avoid party , spend wisely

    Stay safe

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