Airbnb Carding Method And Tutorial : Ultimate Guide working 100%

Welcome back again , Today I will be taking On Airbnb Carding Method And Tutorial, You must have been hearing About Airbnb carding ?.

Today I am going to be teaching you what Airbnb carding is all about.

Airbnb Carding Method And Tutorial : Ultimate Guide On How To Card Airbnb

Airbnb Carding  Method And Tutorial

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This Airbnb carding Method and Tutorial is Different from other carding method you no , unlike that of Amazon Carding ,Wish Carding And The rest, This Airbnb carding is total different.

In other to archive Carding Airbnb I am going to be dropping the necessary Tool you need in other to card Airbnb successfully below:

Requirements to Card Airbnb

When it comes to carding you still need some tools in other to make it a Successful one: check out the tools below:

Below are the requirements to card Airbnb:

Live CC

You will need a live and active CC to card on Airbnb and secure free vacations for yourself and your loved ones. First, go online for a good CC registered in the US because Airbnb gift cards support only the US payment methods.

Airbnb Carding Format

If you buy a USA CC, for Example, you cannot make use of it to card Airbnb because you will be ristricted to buy gift cards from the store.

Take Note of this : make Sure your CC must be a non-verified by Visa so that they will not request OTP from you while adding the card to buy a gift card.

Phone Number

If you base in USA, You can make use of USA phone number that is not registered in your name. Let me say I base In USA, A I need is USA phone number for verification or you can use burner to generate phone number For Your self.

Multiple Emails

on this carding tutorial for Airbnb gift cards, you are going to be making use of 2 email address, which you are going to be using to create 2 Airbnb account.

You can create your email with any service provider including Yahoo!, Google, Hotmail, Protonmail, etc.

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But I will recommend because they are good and it makes carding very easy and every email comes with about 100 email aliases that allow you to add all the messages to one inbox.

You can also create Gmail account Due to verification process

Airbnb Accounts

You will need to create Airbnb Account for the Carding method To take place. Is easy to create an Airbnb Account, when creating it I will advice you to use Vpn with USA server.


Make sure you have a Premium Vpn , Because you will be needing it to card Airbnb.

How To Do The Airbnb Carding Method

For you to card Airbnb you will be needing the following tools to card Airbnb successfully.

Below are the steps use in Airbnb carding method

Get CC

First of all you need to get a CC with a trustworthy CC retail merchant online. you wish to visualize if the CC is live and is functioning well by linguistic communication for premium services admire Alexa webmasters, p*rnhub premium, and so forth If the cardboard could be accepted, then meaning your CC is live.

Note: ensure You check in with Any USA server employing a premium VPN since your CC is a USA CC.

Create Multiple Airbnb Accounts

On this Airbnb carding tutorial, you need to open a pair of Airbnb account. one in all the accounts can have the CC details whereas the second account are registered in your name. I do not very suggest registering the second account in your name to avoid being tracked. you’ll use a random name you’re bound that you just can produce a pretend ID for it later.

Enable VPN

you’re needed to change your VPN and connect it to the servers of the situation your CC is registered in. For example, if your CC is registered in North America, USA, you need to get a VPN that supports the location. Note: it’s forever suggested to enable your VPN from the start of the Airbnb carding method.

Purchase Gift Card

Log in to 1 of That your Airbnb accounts and buy a present card price $300 only. to feature a gift card to your Airbnb account, ensure you are doing the following:

  • Click Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Hit the Payment & Payouts tab.
  • Click Add Gift Card below Airbnb Gift Credit.
  • Input the quantity and PIN on your Airbnb gift card and click on Redeem Gift Card.
  • Transfer Gift Card

    you’ll send the gift card to your alternative Airbnb account you registered because the recipient account. to shop for a gift card on Airbnb, build use of Airbnb store online.

    Note: In some cases, you’ll solely have access to the Airbnb gift card store employing a desktop otherwise you switch your mobile browser to desktop mode. What you wish could be a name and an email address to send the gift card. So, enter the e-mail address, name, and write an easy description, then send the gift card to the recipient (the second Airbnb account that you just created). On the Payment screen, use the CC details you bought online. you’ll purchase gift cards for $250 per day however don’t purchase quite a pair of gift cards per day.

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    Note: It will not matter whether or not the small print of the CC matches the details you provide. you’ll use one Airbnb account to card to link multiple CCs and however gift cards to your recipient account.

    Book Reservations

    once the gift card balance of your recipient account is credited, {you may|you’ll|you can} then book reservations for yourself or pet ones and Airbnb will charge from the gift card balance. ensure to not secure reservations on top of your Airbnb gift card balance. within the US, I can book any building for business, tourism, and so forth however I don’t apprehend whether you can book any vacation with Airbnb outside the USA. So, you’ll provides it an effort or sell the account to a US resident and obtain paid in cash. ensure you create use If written agreement throughout the dealing to air a safer facet

    Conclusion on : Airbnb Carding Method/Tutorial

    Typically, Airbnb processes the transaction inside five minutes. If yours exceeds 5 minutes, don’t worry, it’ll be rectified. Now, open the recipient’s email address and settle for the gift card you sent.

    you’ll accept the Airbnb gift card by clicking the link within the email otherwise you copy the code in the email address and paste it into the recipient account to credit your Airbnb account. Lastly, note that the gift card remains in your Airbnb account permanently.

    I hope now you have learnt how to card Airbnb , Have you done your first carding let’s here your expirence via comment section.

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