Amazon Refund Trick : How To Get Product From Amazon Without Paying A Dime

Amazon Refund Trick, latest Amazon Refund Trick, Amazon Refund Method, How To Get An Amazon Refund without Return and many more is what I am going to be talking about on this today’s article.

Hey have you been searching on Amazon Refund Trick, How To Get Product From Amazon Without Paying A Dime, How to Get an Amazon Refund Without Return and Amazon refund without return 2021 and many more.

Hey today I will be picking those queries one by one, I will talk on them one by one.

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All you have to do if you wanna learn Amazon Refund Trick same as Amazon refund method you will need to read this article from beginning to the end.

Don’t forget on my previous Article I talked about on Amazon Carding Method, part of this post will be talking on How To get a refund from Amazon without returning the Product.

This is the amazon refund new trick since the old amazon refund trick is not working any more which was stated on their website base on the Amazon refund policy on their website.

Amazon Refund Trick 2021: How Amazon Refund Works

Amazon Refund Trick, latest Amazon refund method, How to get an Amazon Refund without Return,How To  Get Product From Amazon Without Paying

This is How Amazon Refund Trick work, This is just method you use to order things from Amazon, you can fake it and charge amazon to refund your money, if you order a phone worth 300$ with the amazon refund method same as the amazon refund trick you can charge amazon to refund your money back.

With time you will get to learn the latest Amazon refund trick.

Keep reading.

The Basic Requirements For Latest Amazon Refund Trick/Method

Old Amazon Account

I will advice you to get like 3years old amazon account or when you create new amazon account try and make 3 transaction with it, make sure you other something of 15 to 20$ with it.

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When it comes to carding or any illegal something online you will be needing a premium vpn, this vpn will make you Anonymous and hide your identity Online.

Mobile Phone Or Pc

I will recommend pc but if you don’t have you can still make use of your mobile Andriod phone. These are the tools you need and make sure you connect your vpn when accessing amazon website.

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Guideline On How To Get Refund From Amazon Without Returning The Item : Amazon Refund Trick

  • 1: Open An Amazon Account
  • 2: Place An Order With The Amazon Account
  • 3: Receive Your Orders
  • 4: Contact Amazon And Lay down A complain
  • 5: Get Refund Of Your Money From Amazon
    1. Below Are The basic Steps And Guideline On How To Get A Refund From Amazon Without Returning The Items Ordered

    Open An Amazon Account

    In this aspect many people will be telling you to buy old amazon account but that is not Necessary, you can open new amazon account and make sure you must have done transaction with it like three times or more.

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    Make An Order With The Amazon Account

    You need to place an order, you will likely to use the amazon account to order like two to three times, place an order from 5$ to 10$ if you want the account to be fully active.

    When you place an order for an item you need, after 8 to 15days you can charge for complain, that is the best way to trick amazon,but you will need a little knowledge on Hacking in other for you to learn how to do fake ordering from Amazon.

    Important Notice: You are not expected to remove the order from the cart when you place an order from Amazon.

    Receive Your ordered product/ items

    When courier arrive with your Ordered goods all you need to do is for you to act as if you are in a hurry, sign and collect the item, Drop it inside and vacate the premises immediately, that will give courier service signal that you have not confirmed the items. When the courier service agent has gone, go back and take your orederd goods.

    Contact And Make A complain To Amazon

    In this aspect you will need to apply the Amazon Refund Trick. You can lay a complain to Amazon by Calling and emailing Amazon by using your amazon account.

    For You To Complain To Amazon Directly, Follow The Steps Below:
  • Open Your Ordered Items
  • Locate And Find An order you need a refund from And State Your problem
  • Select The problem You want To Complain About
  • Click On Request Refund
  • Write what ever you want and submit, make your write up sound harsh
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    Wrapping up: How To Get An Amazon Refund without Return

    Amazon Phone Number

    004 1 206-922-0880.

    The number above is the number you can use to contact Amazon, you can call them but I will not fully recommend calling.

    Amazon Email Address

    You will see a send email option attached to your amazon account, so from their you can send email to amazon claiming for refund, but this need to be done with the amazon refund tricks method, you will need to confuse fake email concerning ordering of goods and charge for refund.

    Place Final order

    When you place your final order and get your charge back, you can request for a refund and when you get your refund you can use other means to withdraw your money.

    Dump the account when you have gotten your money successfully, then you can still be using new account and new email to keep on trickig amazon for fake product refund, but you need to be Extral careful when doing this.

    How TO Bypass An ID Verification On Amazon

    In other for you tO Bypass An ID Verification On Amazon you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Click On Login And Security When You Open Your Amazon Account
  • You Are Going To Find Two-Step Verification Settings, Click On The Edit.
  • Click On Disable Option
  • You will receive an OTP security code on your phone, kindly copy it and login it in immediately in other to verify your account.
  • When you do that, it will hinder amazon from requesting for verification when you are running Amazon Refund Trick.

    Conclusion On : Amazon Refund Trick And Amazon Refund Method

    Both The Above Method works well is just like making amazon to loss by using tricks to order good from them without paying in other to resale the goods at higher price.

    You take ordered goods and ask for refund from Amazon, you can order iphone and use tricks to ask for refund and get your money refunded, in this aspect you will be making apple company and amazon loss while you get richer by performing this simple method.

    But please becareful not to get caught, always connect your phone on vpn always.


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