Carding Tutorial For Begineer’s

welcome back to Richhustlershub: On today’s Article I am going to be talking about Carding Tutorial For Beginners in 2022

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Carding Tutorial For Beginners in 2022

Hey Do you want to no about carding ?
On today’s Article I am Going to be explaining what carding is all about

Brief History Of Carding

The history and origin of Carding was traced back in USA In the year 1980’s,

Which the BBSes Which stands for (Bulletin Board System) was common.

The USA based Citizens practice Carding And Thousand of People that were involved in carding were arrested in the year 1980’s by some square called operation sundevil which was formed by USA Secret service.

On that let me explain to you what carding is all about the meaning carding and carder

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Definition Of Carding And Carder

Carding can be seen as a process of trafficking card and other related information online.

Is the process of shopping same as billing some site like Amazon , Aliexpress site , you can purchase things from the site without payment of the items.

Definition Of a Carder

Carder is a person that is performing the carding online , he or she buy things from top website without paying a dime

Tools For Carding

Carding Tutorial For Begineers

Am going to be dropping the list out you can make more research on it

Vpn or socks

M.A.C. Address Changer



Phone or PC



Cc Details

How To DO Carding With A Mobile Device

Is not fully recommend to do carding with an Andriod phone , but since you don’t have Pc You can equally use it.

Below are some of the things you need to Download and Do

IME Changer


Proxy Driod

ID changer

1 Root Your Andriod phone, Use King Root To root your phone and tweak the imei

2 install IMEI Changer and CCleaner with also proxy Driod and ID changer

3 Get A Good VPN , Here Are the Best Vpn For Carding

4 use Sock5 proxy , you can get that on pure Vpn

5 Change your Andriod phone IMEI And Ip Before You start Carding

6 Connect Your Purevpn To Socks5 and Start Carding

That is all

Conclusion on : Carding Tutorial For Beginners

The above information is what you need when it comes to carding , you can still mail me to get the full pdf on it .

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