Fake Bank Account : How To Create A Fake Bank Account In 2022

Fake Bank Account : How To Create Fake Bank Account

Have you been wondering on How To Create Fake Bank Account, on this article I will teach you how to do so and the benefit of it

Kindly Take note : We are not In any way in support of fraudulent activities,

The purpose of this post is for educational purpose and for Web traffic,

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This can serve as an eye opener For you to see how fraudulent activities are done in other to avoid them

Fake Bank Account: How To Create Fake Bank Account

Fake Bank account can serve for many purposes , people make use of fake bank to Receive money

On in the name of Yahoo , people use Fake Account To Receive payment from their victim To avoid being Caught

This blog post covers some of the queries below

    Fake bank account Apk

    Prank bank account website

    Fake online banking format

    Fake bank script

Banking system has always been the most secured and trusted place , which is very difficult to carry out any fraudulent activity in Bank

But this days It has become the other of the day ,to the extent people can open account online

Which They make use of the account For some illegal Activities online like Doing Yahoo , which both Boys and Girls Are involve in the act

Many people seem to hustle online both Legitimate way and Illegal Way

Hey let me not waste much of your time , let me properly tell you how to Run Fake bank Details

You Can Open A Fake Bank A©count With Fake Bank Details ,

let me just say opening Account without Bvn and Voters card

Steps And Guidline Below On How To Open A Fake Bank A©count Online Using Ecobank

Dial *326# Follow the instructions

Fake Bank Account

How To Create A Fake Bank Account

Create A Fake Bank Account

Follow the Remaining Steps when you Dial The Code To Open Account On Ecobank without Bvn And Voters card

Note You can only Receive money from this type of account Via bank transfer only

If the account number is taken to The Bank ,the bank official will tell you that the account is not existing

So all you have to do is to tell your clients to Do bank transfer any time they want to send money to you

Conclusion: The above information is aim at creating Fake Bank Ac©ount ,You Can Do Many Things with Fake Bank Ac©count , You Can Do Yahoo with it , since Yahoo requires fake bank a©count Details To Collect Money from Client without any form of trace

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39 thoughts on “Fake Bank Account : How To Create A Fake Bank Account In 2022”

  1. Hello!

    I must say, you’ve got a lot of value to offer. So with the money in this ‘FAKE ACCOUNT’, how do you get your money?

  2. but the transaction of moving your money to your normal bank account will be recorded in the financial statement and the bank can trace you with that. Dont you think so?

  3. No, the account you open with ecobank is fake since you did not open it with BvN and passport, when some one send you money he need to tell you because you will not be able to receive alert, but when you check your balance you will see your money inside the account, so the account type is totally fake, to clear your doubt when I open the account, I copied the account number and go to any ecobank branch and pick a deposit form to pay money into the account and what I was told is that the account number is not existing, this type of account with ecobank is called express account, you can even withdraw for atm 🏧 machine without ATM card , so the account is totally fake but you can only receive money to the account if the payment is made via transfer , but when you take the account to the bank, the bank will tell you that the account is not existing

    • When the money enters the fake account, how do you get to withdraw it .

      • he takes it for himself and u did all the work for him my dude

  4. Goodmorning sir, please does it work with other banks aside Ecobank?

  5. Hello bro,
    I already opened the express account but it was with a sim I registered with my details. Don’t you think it can be traceable because of that number?

    • I don’t think so,but is advisable you do it with fake number , that is number that you did not register with your details

      • How can u withdraw the money

  6. Hello, can’t the phone number be traced to the account if anybody that have paid into it takes it seriously with eco bank?

  7. Please I need your phone number

  8. Good morning sir pls i tried opening the fake account but it’s not opening it’s telling me that i will receive an opt vai sms but i waited for thr opt nothing showed up So i remove the sim and drop wat should i do now..

  9. I wanted to make a transfer but the account isn’t showing on used. What can I do

  10. Sir how do u make a transfer with the fake bank account when u dont have the transfer pin or will they only send u account number but no transfer pin

  11. Sir please I want to be your boy…
    I want to learn cyber crime

  12. What is the maximum amount the fake bank account can hold

  13. How can I get a fake number, both Nigeria and foreign

  14. Pls what if the client, get to know is a Nigerian account

  15. It asked for bvn no and referral, which I skipped. At the end it said request failed .
    U said we can only send and receive money on the account no via bank transfer only. But how do we send from this account when we don’t have pin ? What is the max amount of money the account can hold sir?

  16. Please chat me on Whatsapp

  17. Thanks boss for the update,
    But using my phone number can be traceable


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