How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria 2022

How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria And How To Do Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria.

You are here because you what to learn How To Send Fake Bank Alert Also know As How To Do Fake Bank Alert SMS Transfer In Nigeria.

Do you know that fake bank alert apps exit ? And there are many apps for it both on mobile And Pc for sending to some one fake SMS bank alert without any trace.

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Keep reading, in due time you are going to learn what fake bank alert is all about And Also The consequences of sending Fake bank alert most especially in Nigeria.

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By the end of this blog post, I will be covering Topics on;

  • How To Do Fake Alert Using Your Mobile Phone/Pc
  • How To Send Fake Bank Alert With Android Phone
  • Best Apps For Fake Bank Alert
  • Effect of Sending Fake Bank Alerts To Clients and How To Avoid Them
  • Things has gone so bad that this days Yahoo has become the other of the day, because many Hustlers online are busy trying to find how to make money by defrauding others and even the so called yahoo is not easy.

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    How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria And How To Do Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria


    How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria And How To Do Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria

    Fake Bank Alert Apps_Apk

    This fake bank alert apps are the tools that help in Doing Yahoo and The tool will help you to scam your victim by sending Fake SMS alert to them which they will think the alert is real.

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    Note: In other not to get caught, always do this fake sms bank alert place far from your place, you can do it when ever you are travelling and make sure you always do it to POS agent.

    If you haven’t understand How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria or How Fake Bank SMS Alert Works, keep reading and don’t skip any part.

    What Is Fake Bank Alert ? And How Fake Bank Alert Works

    This is a Bank Alert SMS That look real but is fake. This will show you that some one send you money to your bank account and it will look real and your bank name and other details will look exactly as if is coming from your bank.

    Immediately you see the alert, it will look real, you will think that some one send you money. When it comes to business you can use the fake alert and get your product and before the person finds out that it is fake alert you must have made away with the product.

    Flash Funds will show you the alert and at same time update your bank account balance, so it will look real but is fake, trust me, people don’t even have time to check their account balance on every alert they receive.

    Fake Alert is mostly used by Yahoo Boys to pay bills and buy something which the alert will look real without them knowing that is fake, so that is how the fake bank alert works, don’t forget we are still on How To Send Fake Bank Alert.

    Effect And Dangers Involved in Sending Fake Bank Alert

    Is against the law to use anything fake alert, but if you have made up your mind to do the fake SMS bank alert keep reading.

    How To Use Fake Alert without Getting Caught

    In other for you to do this fake alert successful, you need to do this from people far from you, Do you know why I said that you need to do it to people far from you ?, The reason is for you not to get caught.

    You can use the fake alert method when you are travelling, at POS, in a restaurant and the important thing you should take note of is to do this fake alert to some one that is far from you.

    Best Tools For sending Fake Alerts in Nigeria

    I am going to list Them but in due time you will Find out how to use them.

    Bulk SmS, Flash Fund And LoftySms

    Wrapping : Bulk SMS for Sending Fake Alert

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    How To Send Fake Bank Alert using LoftySms – Bulk SMS

    Download and Install The LoftySms mobile App on your android device here.

    When you open the app click on the sign up button.

    How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria

    Enter Your name, Username, Email, Password, Country and Phone number.

    After that, Confirm your email and Login your Loftysms account. Right from your Homepage you need to Fund your wallet with some sms units before you can get started
    sending messages.

    Now login your account.

    Just click On Make Payment and from the next screen.

    Add how much you want to fund. I added 300NGN and am given 150 Sms units.

    Select your payment method (I selected online payment method because I want to pay using my card).

    From the next Screen, Choose your preferred payment method and complete your payment. Login your app again your Sms unit will be funded ready for use. Now it’s time to send your message.

    From Your app Homepage click On send Sms . Enter your sms details. Your sender ID is what will show to your recipient as the sender, in the recipient field enter the
    customers phone number. Compose your Sms using the Format of the client bank.

    Then send your message. They will get the Sms in their phone.

    That is All On How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria

    Flash Funds App Pro – For Sending Fake Alerts Cost 100$ Only

    If you need this app send me a mail at

    Please make sure you have your 100$ ready before sending me a mail.

    Conclusion On: How To Send Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria And How To Do Fake Bank Alert In Nigeria

    This app is not only limited to Nigerian’s, you can still use it in some African’s countries And also all over the world, XCARET100 can still work but I highly recommend flash fund.

    Don’t forget you can still Download Flash Funds App Apk and PC version.

    The app work well on both Mobile And Pc.

    You will get the download link to your email address immediately after payment.

    Stay safe

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