How To Get A Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills As A Female Hustler [working 100%]

Welcome back hustlers, Do you want to learn How To Get A Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills as a female hustler?

Do you have that man that is stingy, That is not willing to spend on you,
Worry no more because today I will teach you how to make a man to spend cash/money on you even without asking.

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    How To Get A Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills As A Female Hustler

    For you as a female hustler, if you want a man or your boyfriend to spoil you, that is to spend money on you, you should consider reading this which I explained on How To Get Money From A Married Man My Article write up.

    I will show you how to get a man to spoil you with cash that is how to make a man to spoil you by spending on you.
    Also I will teach you how to get a man to pay your bills.

    Keep reading to learn more.

    The major secret behind money making faster is by stealing other people’s money, That is why you can enjoy money when you did not labour for it, is always easy to spend another person Money.

    When you spend your own money it will look like a waste for you because you must have laboured for it, so that is why spending another person own is always easy and enjoyable.

    Worry no more, the time of spending your own money is over, now you will need to attract men to spend on you and spoil you with money.

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    It doesn’t mean it must be your boyfriend, it can be Your boyfriend,male friend, husband or some other guys around. The tricks I am going to expose you to must surely work for all of them.

    If it comes to make a man to spoil you with money or To get a man to pay your bills without any stress, you need to consider many things because not all men have money, most of them are trying to survive so you need to know the type you are going for and you must find your own target.

    How To Get A Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills as a female hustler

    How To Identify The Right Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills

    In Identifying The Right Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills you must consider the qualities in him which I am going to list below:

    His Spending Habit

    In this aspect you will need to check out some qualities in him, because if the guy doesn’t spend money on his self their is no way he can spend money on you or to spoiling you with money.

    So to get a man to spoil you, you will need to know if the man can spend money for his self even for others.

    So on this aspect if you can get a guy that spend money well on his self, he must surely spoil you with money so go for that.

    How He Spend On Others

    How much find out how if he can spend for other, if he can spend on others, Getting him spend on you will not be that much difficult task, praise him on how he spend on others so he can spoil you.

    His Finance

    This is one of the common factor to consider if you really want a man to spoil you. try and make sure he is Financially capable that is if you are looking for sustainability because some guys do borrow to impress a Lady.

    You will need to find out what he do for a living, how much he earn as a salary that is if you want sustainability.

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    Those qualities will enable you to know if he can spoil you and pay your bills.

    In other to bring this to reality I will show you some tactics on how to get a man to spoil. And if you want the man to pay your bills you will need to apply the techniques listed below:

    Techniques To Get A Man To Spoil You like A Queen

    With the basic techniques to get a man to spoil you like a queen you will need to work on some area.

    Demand Less And Reject Less

    How To Get A Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills

    You don’t need to be a demandable person because if all you do always is demanding it will look like a liability.

    Do you know how it looks like when you reject a gift from some one.

    Let me explain in details.

    I will always advise you to demand less and when a gift is present to you, dont always be in a hurry to say NO.

    When you accept gift from him, that will prompt him to know that you are the receptive Type.

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    Be Generous At Some Point

    If you are sure he is capable of spoiling you and he has money you can play along, crack jokes with him so he will see the good in you.

    Just make sure when playing alone, make sure he doesn’t propose or ask your hand in marriage lolz, you should use your head because the main purpose is to hang around and flex his money.

    Trade by Barter

    Base on this trade by Barter in some cases you will need to offer something on other for the man to spoil you or pay your bills.

    You can’t always be the only person receiving so you need to prepare your self because you will give something in return.

    As a female hustler you will need to understand the meaning of those two apple on your chest and the ones at your back including the hole in between your legs, Those things are the necessary stuff you need for s£duction so you will be willing to give it out in exchange of something.

    In other to get a man To Spoil you and pay your bills then your should take note of all this things and know when to offer and when to withdraw.

  • Banging Body
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Motivation
  • Things To Offer and make a man feel good (business ideas)
  • How To Get A Man To  Pay Your Bills

    Ask For His Help

    This is the last part, before asking a man to spoil you or pay your bill you will need to consider things like his personal mood which I explained on my Article on :Secret On How To Convince Someone To Give You Money

    You should consider this factors below before asking him to spoil you or pay your bills

    His mood

    Financial situation

    Environment and other factors.

    When all this things are in other, you can go ahead to ask him for money and if he fails to give you, you will Dump HiM

    Conclusion on : How To Get A Man To Spoil You And Pay Your Bills As A Female Hustler

    The above tips is all you need in other to make a man To Spoil you and pay your bills, If you have the tricks then you can get any man to spend money on you.

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    Stay safe

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