How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes : Tips And Tutorial Guideline

How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes : Tips And Tutorial Guideline On How To Become A hacker both with phone And Laptop is the area I am going to be focusing on today’s article write up.

Have you been wondering if is possible To become a Hacker in 15 Minutes?,

Hey just Chile, seat down and take a kola while I work you out on How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes.

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Kindly read this blog post from beginning To The ending of this post if you really want to learn How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes.

How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes : Tips And Tutorial Guideline

How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes

Before we go into learning how to become a hacker we must know what hacking is all about and also we must also know who is a hacker, So I will be running a ground finance, that is a little introduction on hacking to give you a little crew on hacking before we go deeper in learning how to become a hacker in 15 Minutes.

What Is Hacking

A Hacker is a person that uses code and programming language to break into system and made away with the valuable.

Hacking can be classified into many categories , Which we have six major Types Of Hackers which includes: Black hat, Gray hat, Hacktivist, Cracker, scripter and white hat.

White Hat Hacker

White hat Hacker is a type of Hacking that only specialize mostly for security purpose, they hack to secure not to steal And this type a hacker is called ethical Hacker, that is why you can enroll on How To become an Ethical hacker for money.

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Black Hat Hacker

As the name implies, Black Hat Hacker is the type of Hacking that involve stealing of softwares and also cracking of software, is a dangerous type of Hacking.

Gray Hat Hacker

Gray Hat Hacker is a black hat Hacker, is just mainly the combination of White Hat And Black hat.

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Hacktivist Hacker

Hacktivist Hacker Can either be a black hat Hacker or white hat Hacker, Those type of hacker are use during political election, their main work is to hack the vote count and manipulate election results, if you want to learn How to become a hacker in Government, this area is for you, that is why we are talking on How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes.


This Type of people claim to be a hacker but they are not a hacker, they only specialize in cracker software and rewriting them.


This type of people claim to be a hacker but they are not, they only buy tools from developer and expose the developers claiming to be a hacker by doing that.

How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes And Basics Of Ethical Hacking

  • 1: Pick A Hacking Niche
  • This is just for you to understand the type of a hacker you want to become. base on the types of a hacker I have mentioned above, all of the types of a hacker I mentioned above makes really money but that is base on a hard work.

    The Ethical Hackers Are mostly Common to be the richest. This black hat Hacking is a risky type of Hacking but it really makes them rich and most of this hackers risk jail terms.

    So the main question you need to ask your self is that, Do you want to become a type of a hacker that makes money or the type of a hacker that spies on girlfriend, that is the type of a hacker that monitors girl friend chat On social media.

    Hacking as a Niche, You must meet up with Hacking Requirements to become a Successful hacker.

    How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes

  • 2: Understand The Basic And Deeper Fuctions OF A Computer
  • In other For you to Become a hacker you need to have a knowledge of a computer, that is you need to learn how to operate a computer.

    A computer can’t be use for only graphics design, Watching of movie and playing of game, Computer can be used for other purpose which the main makers of the computer did not inform you about, you can use computer to start a Yahoo Business And You can use it to become a hacker and make cool money from it.

  • 3: Learn How To Code
  • In this aspect you can’t become a hacker without having a knowledge on how to code, If you are Interested on How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes, You must surely learn how to code in other to make your work very easy.

    Ok let take for a example you want to learn how to hack a facebook account in 15minute, Hacking facebook account can be done in different ways, like you can build a fake website, that is a look alike website like that of Facebook, you can tricks people to login with their details so you can authomatically have their login details so you can hack them, and to archive this you must have the knowledge of coding.

  • 4: Picking And Selecting A Programming Language
  • You must be good in a programming language if you want to became a hacker, is more advanced to learn C programming language, is more advanced it will help you in learning language that will be used In Hacking virtual Anything.

    When it comes to aspect of becoming a hacker under 5minute you must surely have the knowledge of:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • My SQL or SQL
  • HTML
  • Crytography
  • Note: You Can Make Use Of To learn The explanation Of The Above listed Things To learn Before becoming A hacker in 15 Minutes.

    Basic Steps Towards Becoming An Elite Hacker

    Employ Creativity

    This is the process by which you create what have not been in existence before, you can learn how to build virus that can destroy or anti-virus that can protect, Apart from building or creating virus, you can develop an app that can steal users personnel identity when using the application.

    Stay Focused

    In other for you To become An ethical hacker, You need to have a proper understanding on Hacking, Don’t lie, stay focused and learn more in other to explore more.

    Check Hacking Forums

    You need to register on top Hacking forum or any other forum that is related to Hacking, You can check Dark Webs Forum To learn More, Always learn, practice, That is if you want To learn How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes

    Conclusion On: How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes

    The Above piece Of information is all you need to know About Hacking, I Guess you must have learnt How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes?, If you are still having any challenges you can make use of the comment section below:

    Tutorial On How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes

    Guideline on How To Become A Hacker In 15 Minutes

    Stay safe

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