How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog In 2022

Welcome every one , welcome to Richhustlershub , On Today’s Article I will be focusing How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog , All You Have  To Do is To Take Your Time And Read this Article from beginning to understand How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog

How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog

Without Westing your time i am going to be explaining to you what backlinks is all about below , all you need to do is to read this article from beginning to the end , when you do so you will fully understand How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog

Meaning Of Backlinks /What is Backlinks All About

Backlinks Can be seen as a  links pointing to a  webpage. once a webpage links to the other page, it is called backlinks, Backlinks is the common and easiest way to rank if you  Do it proper

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How To Add Your Blog On Freebasic

Were Do I Build Quality Backlinks

Here are some top platforms you can build your backlinks:





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Nairaland Forum







those links listed above are some of the basic links you should build links on , it helps in bosting your search appearance on Google and ranking be at thesame time

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How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog


The below Steps are the criteria on How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog

1, Build backlinks can increase your blog organic traffics And Ranking.

2 , Building backlinks for a blog can also hasten google to crawl and index your blog content.

3 ,  The best issue regarding to backlinks is that they permit one to form new relationships and reach new shoppers that they might not have reached before by making use of other promoting methods.

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You can build backlinks with either HTML or BB, it depends on where you want to build your backlinks From .

Take for instance, you wish to build a backlink on Nairaland forum, and we all known that most forum doesn’t support either html posts or comments, In that case we will make  use of BB code, instead of HTML,

Take note : , html are mostly use for building backlinks.


An hypertext markup language backlink (HTML) snip could be a piece of code that you just place on your web site for guests to copy and paste. It includes some key elements like anchor text, target, url, rel e.t.c


You may be wondering how backlink look like, take a look at this:

Visit Us

The link Above is a good example of HTML backlink, you can replace the link with any  link of your choice , neither page or post link you wish to use In building backlinks , then replace the anchor text “Visit our blog” with your keyword.

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HTML backlinks are mostly used on blog comment and post.


[url=]Visit our blog[/url]

Conclusion on : How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog

Build Backlinks is not easy at all but is good to build because it has basic many advantages , it also make you retain your position on Google when every  bloggers focus on link building , link building is good so bloggers should focus on it for more ranking , the main purpose for this article is  on
How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog, with this you would have known How To Build Backlinks On Your Blog, link building can mainly help interms of ranking and build of quality backlinks that will help your blog to rank , Thank you for reading ,kindly share this article and don’t forget to subscribe on the blog via email


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