How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria 2022

How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria 2022 is what I have for you Today,

This is the updated Method on How To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria

Hustlers welcome back to richhustlershub today I am going to be teaching you still on hacking bank account, the Advanced method criminals use in hacking their victims bank account in other to become rich overnight.

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Due to the country we are in which is Nigerian in a whole, we have many ways of making money through illegal ways.

many people tend to follow different means to make this money , but bank fraud is among the means that will make you rich overnight.

Note: This Article is for educational purpose and let me warn you if you get caught you will face the law

There Are Several Method’s To steal money from some one which hacking of their bank account is on of the Method.

Keep reading I will show you how you can do bank fraud by hacking your victim bank account.

How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria

How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria

There are many ways to hack bank account and Withdraw the money to your account but they are very risky, I am going to list the ways of hacking bank account below:

The Phishing Method

When it comes to hacking of Bank account in Nigeria The phishing method is the best and is the simplest method of hacking bank account in Nigeria,I will show you step by step on how to do that.

Step By Step On How To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria

Probably You must have been looking for Step By Step On How To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria, below is the step by step on how to hack bank account in Nigeria:

I Created A Fake Website

This is the site you will use to get your client information, the site will cost you much to build but it worth it.

I created a site which I made it as an online store, I was selling cream which I put the tag price to be 400 Naira per cream which I claimed they will purchase the cream online using thier card to pay then I will deliver to their respective location.

With those information I was able to get their card details and their bank information which I use to hack their account without any bvn.

I promoted The Website

When I am done creating the phishing site for hacking bank account in Nigeria I started promoting the site, I was promoting the site anonymously on facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, WhatsApp group, which I was able to get audience on the website.

People Started Buying And I started Collecting Their Card Details

Trust me I did not make it look scam in their eyes because they started paying to get my cheap cream.

which when they pay I will deliver the product to them and since their information are on my site like their names , phone number, date of birth and card details, I started storing them till I was able to get plenty so I have to start my operation since I have all I need to hack a Bank Account In Nigeria.

Avoid Some Banks With Strong Security

You know in everything we do there are some certain things that are more superior than others, so you need to avoid some certain banks with high security, Banks Like UBA, Federity Bank, Zenith Bank, Those banks are good when it comes to security you need to avoid them because when you want to hack some one account using such bank it will not work.

The worst thing is some times when you want to do any transaction using paystack , PayPal OTP (One Time password) will be sent to the victim phone number which will spoil all the game that is for some certain banks but you need to keep trying till you discover the perfect one that works.

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You don’t really need to be a professional scammer to do this all you need is the necessary tools and you can also learn from some one.

The Message Method To Hack Bank Account Using BVN

The Message Method To Hack Bank Account Using BVN is the way you send messages to your victim and make the messages look like is Coming from the bank, you can see how The Message Method of Hacking Bank Account Using BVN looks like below:

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From Firstbank Nigeria, You Need To Update Your BVN Or Your Account will Get Blocked In 3Days Time Call 080xxxxxxxx To Help You To Activate Your Account And Update Your BVN.

The Format Above In Text Format is Another method you can use to get your Client bank Details and hack and withdraw from their account in Nigeria, But Base On That Format The Following is needed, Check it out below:

  • A Bulk SMS Application
  • Victim Random Phone Number
  • A Laptop ( You will use to make your transaction)
  • Card Detector verification software ( To know if the card details are collect)
  • Internet Connection
  • How will You Do It

  • You are Going To Open The bulk SMS website and type in this message below:
  • “This is A Notification From The Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) That Your Account Has Been Hacked. To Get Your Money Secured Kindly Call Mr John Your Account Manager on 080xxxxxxxx To assist You Further.

  • When You Are Done Sending It To The random Number you have,
  • Then kindly wait for their respond

    Some people will call to confirm and some people will ignore, those that will call to confirm, try and collect this three information from them, check below:

  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • CVC (The number At The back Of The Card)
  • Once they provide those details all you need to do is to go online and start buying things with the information on the card without any trace.

    The above method might still work but people eyes have open and some are aware of it so you can still follow other means of hacking bank account in Nigeria which you will find below :

    1: The Keylogger method of Hacking Bank Account In Nigeria

    The Keylogger method is one of the simplest means of hacking bank account in Nigeria but this method is some how technical, let me say is the process of sending a virus to your victims system, so anything done on the system will be store their, let me say you send the virus to your friends system and he purchase anything online using his system all his information will be stored in the system which you can access later and scam him.

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    The Keylogger method is a professional method of hacking a bank account in Nigeria so you must be good in hacking if you want this to work out for you.

    2: The Banking Trojan method of Hacking Bank Account In Nigeria

    This another way of hacking bank account make use of application, in a simple terms is the process of creating fake bank app similar to bank real app in other to use it to scam your victim’s.

    Below is the steps to use bank Trojan To Hack Any Bank Account:
  • 1: You will need to create a mobile application looking exactly like bank app or similar to that.
  • 2: You will host the mobile application on internet, please don’t host it on playstore they will remove the app.
  • 3: The application must be designed in a way that you can receive any body Information that login using the app.
  • Once you have their main login details you can use the real bank app to login and access their information and move their money to your account, don’t forget to use fake bank account when transferring to your account you can learn How To Create A Fake Bank Account in Nigeria.

  • How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria
  • How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria pdf
  • How To Hack Atm Card In Nigeria

    We can’t tell you that Hacking some one’s ATM card is easy because If you don’t know the pin of the card you can’t do anything but you can only make use of the ATM card by getting the card details.

    Once you have access to the ATM Card details you can easily withdraw money from the account without any suspect from the owner of the card.

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    Like hacking ATM card pin in Nigeria is not an easy thing most of the getaway that is the online payment site in Nigeira requires OTP(One Time Password) so due to that is not a good idea.

    So once you were able to hack some one Atm card and get his details all you have to do is to use the card details to shop on a foregin website, because those foregin website don’t require otp.

    And also their transactions takes days before you get a debit alert.

    Make sure you don’t use your real name when buying things online while using some one card details because you can be traced via the name so this is another simple Method on how to hack bank account in Nigeria under 2minute.

    How To Transfer Money Using BVN And Account Number

    In this process of on How To Transfer Money Using BVN And Account Number is possible but you will make use of software in other to do that but is only bank that have access to those software, but if you are ready to pay a bank official good money he might get the software for you.

    When they make use of this software immediately they insert your BVN number all your information will appear, information containing your:

  • Account Number
  • Phone Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Secret Question And Answer
  • Email Address
  • Once they have access to those information They can change your pin and use that to comite fraud or can even wipe off your account.

    So take note of this before giving any body your BVN becareful because it can be use to access your account and can use to transfer money from your account, every BVN should be secret and no one should know about it except you.

    Two Method/Ways To Transfer Money Using BVN And Account Number

    We have Two Method/Ways To Transfer Money Using BVN And Account Number which I am going to be talking about below:

  • 1: Secret Software
  • 2: Insider Job
  • Secret Software

    Secret software related to hacking of Bank is the software banks normally use in the bank, the software is secret but if you can trick your way out you can get the software, getting the software that will automatically make you a banker lolz , with the software you can use it to withdraw money from some ones account using their BVN And Phone Number Only.

    Insider Job

    This method is simple but you need to be smart, but this will work out if you have a very good close friend in the bank since you don’t have access to the secret password banks use you can supply some one BVN to your friend in the bank, so he will access the account using the BVN and that will bring out the users informations like Name, Address, Phone Number and the rest so you can use it and empty the account.

    Using this method you must be Extral careful and make sure your friend inside the bank is a smart one because if you and your friend are caught you people will face the law.

    This method is the fastest and easy method to hack bank account in Nigeria,
    But if you don’t have any Insider in a bank keep trying the above process you must surely get a client to scam.

    Conclusion: on How To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria

    This Above information is what you need To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria successful take note of this, This is not How To Become A Yahoo Boy this is purely hacking which is mainly focusing on bank so you need to keep trying till you become perfect.

    Kindly Note That Hacking Bank Account in Nigeria is The biggest crime you can Do in Nigeria, This hacking of Bank Account is also know as bank Fraud so becareful not to get caught because when you get caught you will face the law.

    Stay safe ,

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