Illegal Side Hustles That Make Fast Money In 2021

Illegal Side Hustles That Make Fast Money is what I am going to be talking about Today.

Hustling on the street is not easy because you will choose to follow any kind of hustle in other to escape poverty.

When legit hustle is not paying, all you need to think of is the illegal way to hustle and be successful.

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Let me ask,

How will you fill at your age you ask your mama for money.

How Will you fill when your age mate is doing well and you are not doing well.

How Will you fill when  that girl at the next door look down on you for not having money.

Those reasons are enough for you to give thought towards illegal hustle.

illegal Side Hustles To Do That Make Fast Money

Illegal Side Hustles That Make Fast Money

Below are The illegal Hustles you should consider doing if the Legit hustle is not paying off.

Note:Both male And Female Can partake on this type of hustle.

Drug Selling

Mostly for some broke street dude, selling of Drugs is profitable, but you need to consider many things before selling Drugs, why I said so is because drugs is accepted In some countries and is not accepted in some countries so you need to he extral careful not to get caught, expecially Selling drugs like cocaine And others, drug selling is lucrative and any sells will make you smile to your bank account , but becareful of police not to get caught because if you get caught you will face the law.

Ebook Scam

This is the process of selling fake ebook to your client in other to make money from them, you can choose to fake a write up In ebook and sell it to your client, you can use forex trading signal ebook and fake the ebook and scam your client, but when you are doing this types of illegal side hustle using ebook scam method, you need to becareful not to get caught because if you are caught you will face the law.


In this process you will claim to be a hacker, which you can tell your client that you can hack Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so Incase if they lost their password they should chat you up, so you can hack the account back and recover their password back, so when they send you the money, you will scam them, but you can still learn how to become a hacker here.

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Pick Pocket

This type of Illegal Side Hustles requires you picking people pocket on the street, you need to be smart enough to be successful when it comes to pocket picking, you need to link up with the men that run the street which they normally call their self The street lord or king of street, because when you pick strengers pocket when people shout nothing will happen since the main people that will come out is still your crew, so when  they come out, they will find a way to cover the shit.

You see picking of pocket is profitable, imagine picking someone wallet with enough cash inside it, that is a lot of money, but for you to be successful you need to abide by the street rules.

Facebook Local Scam

In this type of Illegal Side Hustles using Facebook local Scam, you don’t need to move on the street in other for you to make money using this Facebook local scam format.

In this aspect you will need to make use of fake Facebook account so you will not get caught, this method is all about posting on how to get goods outside country at little price with free shipping of the good, which you will tell people to pay you to help them buy goods outside the country at cheap rate with free shipping, when they pay you, you will delete you Facebook face and account.

Do you know if you do this two or three times, men you will be into money, but I will still advise you to becareful not to get caught, because when you get caught you will face the law.

Local Ponzi Scheme

This type of illegal side hustles That requires local Ponzi Scheme is more profitable when  you target Nigerian’s, Do you know why I said  Nigerian’s?, I said Nigerian’s because Nigerian people are too greedy, They believe in free money.

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When  it comes to local Ponzi Scheme,  what you need to do is to get a web developer to create an investment website for you in other to make people to invest on the site and get like 20% Return profit  either monthly or Daily, That is depend on how you want to manage the website.

So when you get enough investors all you need to do is pay the one’s that register on time, those one are know as early bird and after that you can shout down the website.

So this type of illegal side hustle is profitable  and risky at thesame time so you need to becareful in other not to get caught.


Carding is another illegal side hustle that requires you using people credit card details to scam them, you can use Those card details to shop online without OTP, You need To learn Carding As A beginner here.

Below Are Some Of The Carding Method.

Amazon Carding

Cash App Carding

PayPal Carding

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Nike Carding

Target Cardingetc And many more

Yahoo Formats

Another illegal side hustle on Making money on the street is the Yahoo format, that is becoming a yahoo boy or yahoo girl, by making use of the necessary format to bill your client.

Learn How To Become Yahoo boy here

Some of the Yahoo format you should use is listed below:

Dating Billing Format

Inheritance Format

Medical Billing Format

Bitcoin Billing Format

Sugar Mummy And Daddy Format

Grant Format

If you make use of those format you will cashout.


In this type of Illegal Side Hustles you need a web developer to develop a website which you can use to collect bank login details from your client and scam them off their money.

You can still make use of this Phishing method to develop a fake Bitcoin investment website and tricks your client to invest, which when they investment you will scam them off their money.


Shoplifting is another type of illegal side hustles which you need to steal from store, shoplifting is just like stealing expensive product from store in other for you to resale the product.

Learn how To shoplift expensive items from store here.

Note: Illegal hustle is not a good hustle but is for those that have the mind, if you have the mind you can partake in any of the hustle and becareful not to get caught, because when you get caught you will face the law.

We still have other illegal side hustles like

Betting scam prediction

Airtime And Data Bundle Scamming

Reselling Peoples Properties

Challenges Of Illegal Side Hustles

The main major challenges you get when it comes to illegal side hustles is the police, you need to becareful with the police because if you get caught by them you will face the law.

How To Get Away With Illegal Side Hustles

To get away from Illegal Side Hustles you need to consider many things like.

Keep Bribe  for The police

Hide your face from getting contact with the CCTV camera by keeping your face down.

Change locations from Time To Time.

Obey And Respect The street Rules.

Settle The street lord.

Conclusion On: Illegal Side Hustles That Make Fast Money

The above write up is all you need to know about the illegal side hustles to do to make money. Stay safe and keep it real and always avoid the police in other not to get caught.

Stay Safe.

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