Oil Ring Scamming Format 2022 : Learn How It Works

Hey well back hustlers, today I will be talking on Oil Ring Scamming Format,

The purpose for this is for you to know how Oil Ring Scamming Format works .

If you are a hustler that is a Yahoo boy or Yahoo girl and you are looking for legit format to use, I highly recommend Oil Ring Scamming Format,

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Trust me on this, on this post I will reveil to you what oil scam format is all about.

The main purpose for this oil scamming Format for yahoo is just:

  • To get a man or woman on any online Dating Website
  • Make he or she fall in love with you.
  • Collect his or her money
  • Oil Ring Scamming Format

    Hey before running this probably you must be an engineer which you can equally fake it lolz , because it works in line with that of Dating Format.

    How Does Oil Ring Scamming Format work?

    Probably you must be asking how oil ring format works.

    Hey don’t worry I gat you covered, keep reading and learn how it works.

    So to get started on this , first all all you need to do some certain thing. Read below:

    Register on a Dating Site

    You need to get a client probably you can get any client from any were you can read my Article on How To Become A Yahoo Boy below you will get some site to get a client.

    Hey you can also get a client on social media like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Probably Telegram also
  • Take note of this : when you get any client form the above social media try as much as possible to move the client on WhatsApp for effective any easy chat conversation.

    Create A Good Looking Profile

    Create A Good picture

    You need to create a good looking profile by using a white man picture, if you are good at photoshop you can fake the picture also to make you look rich.

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    When it comes to this oil scamming Format I will advice you to ask like a man, use a male picture so you can get rich sugar Mummy easily deceive.

    Beginner’s Guide On How To Do Yahoo On Facebook , Steps And Guide

    When getting this picture I will advise you to make use of Instagram. You can get a good looking rich white man on instagram, you can make use of the picture without any body knowing.

    You have to make sure you have all this Features.

  • A Good White Man Name
  • A Complete Profile Address
  • What you like And Dislike
  • Plans For Having A Kid Or not
  • If you are interested in a divorced women or single lady.

    All this ganna be your intension and it must be in your profile.

    You Need To Pretend To Be widowed or Divorced

    Since you are looking for a life partner. That is the person you want to get married to.

    You will need to pretend to be Divorced because that will enable and make your client to trust you.

    You will claim that you are all alone and you are an oil ring engineer that you will be need some one to love and marry that will stay with you.

    Medical Billing Format For Yahoo To Bill A Client

    Send Your Client Sweet messages

    Below are some of the messages you can send to your client that is if you are using oil ring scamming format for Yahoo.

    When sending the message to your Client, here are some of the rules you need to follow:

    Oil ring message to a client

    You need to lie to him or her about your financial condition.

    But you have to do this when you are already hook up together that is when you have send to her some lovely messages and also a flower.

    So is probably a time for you to bill her using billing Format that is the oil ring format.

    Billing Excuse for oil ring format

    When giving her this excuse try and get a perfect one to use and bill her also.

    Bitcoin Billing Format Pdf For Yahoo Cash Out

    Use your Billing Excuse.

    This is just like find an excuse to give to your Client in other to bill her.

    Some of the excuse to give are listed below:

    Tell your client that due to your card block you can’t get access to withdraw money that she can help you with a little money to buy some tools that you are going to double the money for her when you solve the problem with your card.

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    You can still tell her that your child needing feeding money Allowance that you will need to help them. That she should find some thing for you that you are going to send her the money back.

    This all about looking for a good excuse to use and bill your Client using the oil ring billing Format.

    Let A Picker collect The money:

    In this aspect you will be using a foreign account it might be Canada, USA, England or Probably Gemerny Account.

    Please make sure you are not sending Account number of any country to the client apart from the one listed above.

    Don’t make use of PayPal or payonner because they are going to block your account.

    You can make use of Western Union to receive the money and allow a picker to do the remaining job.

    After dealing with that particular Client, Dump the Client and get another client.

    Conclusion on : Oil ring scamming format

    The above piece of information is all about oil ring scamming format for yahoo.

    Hey incase your client ask you the reason why you will not borrow money from your friends.

    Tell her that you don’t trust any body and is only her you trust.

    Secondly if she say you should send your child Account number for her to send the money to your child. Tell her that your kids are of age and don’t her account.

    With this I hope you have been able to pick up on your first scamming using oil ring format.

    Kindly share with your friends.

    Stay safe.


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