How To Open US Facebook Account In Nigeria

Welcome Back Hustlers, How To Open US Facebook Account In Nigeria And How To Open Foregin Facebook Account Is What I am Going To Be Talking About Today.

When It comes To Yahoo Business you will be needing a USA Facebook Account, That is Why on Today’s Article Write up, I Will teach You How To Open US Facebook Account In Nigeria

In other for you to become successful in yahoo business there are many things to consider because In this modern world internet fraud has become the other of the day that many Nigerian youth’s tend to follow the illegal way to make money, which is know As cyber crime.

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Why Many Nigerian Youth’s always succeed And Become successful through this. illegal way of hustling is that, because the white people still Believe that love still exist online that is why most Nigerian youth’s make use of that advantage to Defraud the whites by making use of the format know As The Dating Billing Format.

That is why, in other to become successful through this method of scamming you need to get a Foreign Facebook Account, Canada, Uk, In other to do that you need to learn How To Open US Facebook Account In Nigeria.

How To Open US Facebook Account In Nigeria

In other For You To Create Or open USA Facebook Account In Nigeria As A Non Citizen In USA, The Steps Below Will Guide You On How To Open USA Facebook Account In Nigeria.

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First Of All, In Other For You To Open USA Facebook Account In Nigeria, You Will Be Needing A Premium Vpn And A USA Phone Number, In Other To Get The USA Number, Read This Article at How To Get USA Foreign Number.

When You Have gotten Your USA Phone Number, The Next Thing is To Download A vpn, You can choose to Use a free VPN or a premium vpn.

Wrapping:How To Open USA Facebook Account In Nigeria

Below Are Some Of The Free Vpn To Download From Google Play store

  • ExpressVPN.
  • IPVanish.
  • ProtonVPN.
  • Hotspot Shield.
  • CyberGhost
  • ZPN Proxy
  • Windscribe.
  • TunnelBear.
  • NordVPN.
  • When you are Done Downloading And Activating The VPN, Next Thing Is To Change Your Location To USA Then Open Facebook Or You Can Make Use Of Facebook Application To Open Your Facebook Account.

    How To Open US Facebook Account

    When it comes to choosing a name, Make sure You Use A Name That somebody Have Not Use before, because if you use a name that has been in existance before, Facebook Bot will block the Account.

    The Next Step is To Enter your USA Phone Number, After that the next thing is to Confirm your number via sms send to your virtual phone provider.

    How To Open Foregin Facebook Account

    When you are Done opening the account, as soon as you login to the account, Edith the necessary information needed as soon as possible, informations like location, School, Marital status, Age, occupation etc. This your edithing have to go inline base on the Yahoo Format You want To Use.

    when you are doing all this thing, make sure You Are Connected To A VPN, And Your Location Must Be USA.

    When You Are Done With Your Profile Set up, all you need to do is to allow the Account To Be 1week old before Adding friends.

    Add 10 friends per Day and make sure you did not chat with anybody or Accept any friend request from Anybody till after a week.

    So after All this processes you can now move your client from Facebook To Any other social media network for effective chatting, you can move them on WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram. But to me I will fully recommend WhatsApp and make sure you use USA number in registering your WhatsApp and always make sure you are always on VPN and the VPN location is leading USA.

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    How To Open Foregin Facebook Account

    These method of Opening Foregin Facebook Account is easy, is just to follow the above steps we used in opening USA Facebook account, you can follow the steps to open other countries foregin Facebook Account, countries like Canada, Poland, UK and Australia since they also have their own mobile virtual Number.

    Conclusion On: How To Open Foregin Facebook Account In Nigeria

    In Other for you To Open A foregin Facebook Account In Nigeria, You Must follow The Above steps line by line And you must always make use of Vpn when ever you are doing Any Illegal Activities Online in other for the VPN to hide your IP address, This is the same method on How To Open A Foregin Facebook Account.

    If you can’t follow this steps to open a foregin Facebook Account, You can equally buy a foregin Facebook Account, if you need USA Facebook Account, you can send me An Email @

    Stay Safe.

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