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How To Sell Replicas Legally And How To Sell Fake Items, Do you want To learn How To Sell Replicas Legally without Getting Caught?,

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If you know the art and how it works, It is not legal To sell replicas because you can sell replicas goods at top sites like eBay, and Amazon and make cool dollars, if you have knowledge towards carding you can read about Amazon Carding Method and Wish Carding Method.

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You want to easily sell replicas items, you need a website like Amazon or which you can list your replicas items, which is fake items and get paid instantly.

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When selling fake items on Amazon or wish, always accept payment from customer via checks because if you make use of PayPal or bank transfer you can easily be traced or the sender can charge back using PayPal charge back, so is always advisable you accept checks when it comes to means of payment.

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How To Sell Replicas Legally Online Without Getting Caught

How To Sell Replicas Legally Online Without Getting Caught

When it comes to selling of replicas online without getting caught you need to follow this tips below:

1: Look For A website Without Strict Policies

If you must escape being caught from selling replicas online, you are going to be needing a platform that their policy is not strict on their payment getaway and that allows sellers to have total control over their products.

As you keep on reading without skipping, you are going to see some of The Best website to sell fakes.

When a site have a policy that doesn’t allow the seller to have a total control over his or her product, you should know that the site is not good for selling of replicas good which is know as counterfeits goods.

In other for you to know a website that is good for selling fakes or replicas without getting caught, try and find out at the website privacy policy page on the website and read about their payment getaway, shipping and delivery policies.

The Policy of The website must have this information:

As a seller you must have the right to modify the shipping settings and also choose either to ship via international or domestically.

As a Seller you can set your payment options for checking the money order.

If you can’t find the above listed information in the policy privacy page and terms and conditions of the website page then the website is not good for selling replicas items online.

Don’t forget we are still on How To Sell Replicas Legally, as time Goes on, you will find out How You Can Sell Replicas Legally Without Getting Caught.

2: Get The Replicas Item You Want To sell Available

When it comes to How To Sell Replicas legally, getting your replicas items available is always the first stage and consider the niche of replicas to sell.

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A niche is a brand of products which can be jewelry, clothing like unisex, men and female clothing and jewelry etc.

Still on How To Sell Replicas legally, when it comes to the branding pattern, you can choose a niche like jewelry, you are going to be selling counterfeits Such as fake diamond ring, fake wrist watch, fake golden watch, you can make all the products cheap for fast attractions and to get buyers easily.

3: List The Fake Replicas Items To sell

When you are done creating an account form the platform you want to sell your replicas product/items, The next thing is to list the items you want to sell.

Try To read any site policy page before going to the website to sell your replicas items because if you violate some websites your account will be suspended.

List your items like Your Fake Nike, Wrists watch, fake Golden watch and the rest items you want to sell.

Next thing to consider on How To Sell Replicas Legally is to modify your shipping policy.

4: Modify/Adjust Your Shipping Policy

Modifying And Adjusting Of Shipping Policy plays a great role when it comes to Sell Replicas Legally, Do you know why I said so? Because you can choose if your shipping will be international or domestically and who should be responsible for the shipping charges, either the seller or the buyer should be responsible.

5:SetUp Your Payment Method To Checks And Money Order

Still on How To Sell Replicas Legally, in respect of the setting up payment method To checks and money order, you don’t need to accept any payment via bank transfer or PayPal, always accept payment via checks because bank transfer can easily be traced and PayPal can charge back your money if the buyer request for charge back after payment, so always accept check payment only.

How To Sell Replicas Legally
Sample Of Replicas Item

Where Can I Sell Replicas Items

After learning How To Sell Replicas Legally, The next question now is where to sell replicas items.

Not all websites permits and allows selling of replicas items.

Below are some websites that you can selling your replicas items at:

Before I talk about you should first of all check out my article on Aliexpress Carding Method.

AliExpress is one of the recommended website where you can sell your fake replicas items online and get away with it without getting caught.

At AliExpress you can sell all kind of goods, you can sell your replicas items as an original items and you can become a top seller at AliExpress.

The best Website To sell replicas items is nothing but AliExpress because you can also fake shoes, bags and fake jewelry.

Base on How To Sell Replicas Legally, You Can also sell your fake items on Amazon without getting caught.

Amazon also accepts checks and money order but they don’t accept payment via Bitcoin or Gift Card because it make it to look like a fake items or counterfeits items.

On Or

You can create a page on Facebook or Instagram and advertise the product you want to sell, but before you do that you must have a Fake Instagram Account And a Fake Facebook Account.

You can advertise your product on your page and get buyer to buy your items.

Offline Stores

When it comes to selling replicas items via offline store is risky because if you are caught you will be reported to the police, so you need to be careful not to get caught when selling replicas items offline.

Conclusion On: How To Sell Replicas legally Online And Offline Without Getting Caught.

Selling replicas items online is profitable but you need to becareful because is risky when you get caught.

Stay safe

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