Sugar Mummy And Daddy Format 2022

Hey hustlers welcome back to Richhustlershub, Today I will be talking about Sugar Mummy And Daddy Format For Yahoo in 2022.

You must be familiar that we have different formats when it comes to Yahoo Business.

To Become A Yahoo Boy you need to make use of different formats , which you can make use of Military Dating Format , Dating Format and many more .

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But today I will be taking basically on the sugar Mummy and Daddy Format.

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Sugar Mummy format and Sugar Daddy format for yahoo to bill a client.

Sugar Mummy And Daddy Format 2022

This sugar Mummy or sugar daddy yahoo format is just similar to that of Dating billing Format.

Is just a way for you to fall in love with an old woman or man which I can call fake love and you will apply some little strategy to scam and collect money from them.

Which I can still call this format as romance scam Format for yahoo.

Keep reading to learn how it works

Wrapping up: Sugar Daddy format for yahoo

Requirements For Mummy And Daddy Format

When it comes to any business you must have the necessary tools needed for the business that is why I am going to list the tools you need below:

Below are the basic requirements tools for mummy and daddy yahoo format for cashout.


Before going into this game you need to get your tools ready, you need to use a phone that doesn’t have an active Google account, if your phone have that then you need to remove it and make sure you are using an Android phone.

Also go for a pc that have high ram for better performance.


Vpn is another powerful tool you should consider using , you can check out the Best Vpn to use.

The main purpose and work of VPN is to hide your IP address and it helps in hiding your identity. Which I will advise you to make use of premium VPN.


This is another app you should consider using.

The purpose of this app is to help you in your English, if you are not sound in writing, this app will automatically help you in correcting your English as you are writing and it helps also in translating other languages to english language.

Fake Phone Number

This is another aspect you should take serious, You are going to be needing a fake phone number for this sugar Mummy and Daddy Tips if you want it to work.

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You should consider using a USA or UK phone number.

You can get that from me at a token, get the number and use it to open WhatsApp.

And make sure you avoid anything video call since you are not going to be using a croned video call app.

That particular one is some how stressful but try to avoid video call.

Fake Social Account

Both your email , Facebook account and your instagram account should be Fake to avoid any trace.

Fake Pictures

You need to be using a fake picture on your Facebook or Instagram that is for the yahoo sugar Mummy or daddy job.

To get this picture you need to look for a rich man or woman picture on instagram or Facebook from USA or Uk, Download those pictures and use it as your profile picture on Facebook and Instagram.

Downloading picture depends on the format you want to use that is if you are using the female sugar Dating format or the male sugar Dating Format.

Fake promises

You must be able to know the type of promise to give her or him in other for him or her to fall for you.

The promises must go inline base on the discussion or conversation between you and the Client.

Sugar Mummy And Daddy Format For Billing

Ok let me show you the sugar Mummy and Daddy Tutorial

To archive this sugar Mummy and Daddy format you need to follow the tutorial below:

Sugar Mummy And Daddy Format

Below are the steps use in doing sugar and mummy format for yahoo

1: Choose Your Gender

In this aspect you need to choose if you want to use the sugar daddy Format or the sugar Mummy format.

Choose any Gender you want to use but if you want to use the two Gender then you should consider opening different social media Account for the two.

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2: Create A Fake Social Media Account

You will need to open a fake social media account like creating account on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest.

After that, Get A picture you want to use.

Channel your location to USA, you can archive that with the help of VPN,

Changing your location to USA is depending on the Client you are working on.

3: Promote The Account

To promote and engage the account you need to do so things like posting riches luxury all over your time line , that is for you to deceive the sugar baby you want to scam and cashout.

Always make sure you target USA Or UK

And join some rich group in other to find some sugar babies to scam.

4: Find Sugar baby Group

So what you need to do next is to join some sugar baby related groups and make sure you did not convince or chat anybody up in the group always comment on a post.

Don’t reply message or accept friend request untile after 4days, that will make it real and make you look like a busy and serious person.

5: Add Up Client

You can still add up client without waiting for them to add you,

but you have to apply that with strategy because you need to play smart in other to cashout with this format.

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6: Introduce Your Self

When introducing your self, you don’t need to tell the Client you are rich,
Hey base on your picture they will automatically detect that your are rich.

Tell the sugar baby that you are married man or woman depending on the format you are using.

Tell him or her that you need a young blood to remind you of the childhood days.

You can present you message like this, as you can see below:

I have been with my old wife or husband, that is depending on the Gender format you are using, tell the sugar baby that you need a young blood to spark you up

7: Send Them The Billing Format

After several days of chatting than on the 14days start rolling the format out, that is channing your chat in the line of sugar Mummy format or sugar daddy Format that is depending on the format you are using.

On the 14days you will start tricking the sugar baby to send you some money, but you have to run the chat indirectly.

Bring a fake business proposal and try to convince them to send money to you that is for you to confirm they are real.

Trust me they will send money to you since they have seen you are a rich sugar Mummy or daddy they eventually believe even if they send the money to you, they will actually get the money back in double.

You can see the format below on the image:

Sugar Mummy and Daddy Formation message

8: Cashout

The cashout will follow that is if you were able to convince the sugar baby using the sugar daddy and sugar Mummy format which I have written in the image Above.

To cashout I will advice you not to use bank account, bank account will not work since is international something.

So is always adviceable to make use of Cash App , PayPal , Skrill, Payoneer.

Make sure you confirm if the app match your country and sign in with foregin details that match the country.

Sugar Mummy And Sugar Daddy Format

This is the format to cashout Sugar Mummy or Sugar Daddy.

Read from the image below:

Sugar Mummy and Sugar Daddy Chat 1


Your decision Sugar Love . bye

You can cashout up to $10,000 per year using this format.

Conclusion on : Sugar Mummy and Daddy Format Tutorial For Beginners

The above Article is all you need to know about sugar Mummy format and sugar Daddy format.

All you have to do is to run your game safe and apply more tricks and wisdom in other to get more clients that will pay you.

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