Learn How To Use Touch And Follow Format To Get Sugar Mummy And Ask Her For Money

Touch And Follow Scam format 2021 Learn How It Work

Have you been wondering what Touch And Follow Scam format is all About ,
worry no more ,

on this article I am going to be teaching you How To Use Touch And Follow Scam format To get Sugar Mummy or any girl/lady of your choice and ask her for money

If you want to learn this proper you need to follow the Article step by step

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Before going into the main thing let me first explain the meaning of Touch And Follow

What is Touch And Follow Scam format

Touch And Follow Scam format is The Type of format you use to get money from a girl or sugar Mummy , probably also to get $€x if you wish

But as a smart guy you need to get the sugar Mummy and ask her for money instead of $€x, This touch and follow have to do with black magic ( charm) ,

Hey you don’t need to use any one or Plusing to get it work

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All you have to do is to follow my guide line here and is going to work perfectly,

I have tried this for many girls and it work perfectly

Touch And Follow Scam format work with the use of ring , is just like using a ring to touch a Lady and she will automatically follow you and she can do anything you tell her to do for you

How To Do Touch And Follow Using Ring To Get Sugar Mummy

Touch And Follow Scam format

Doing Touch and follow is very easy, all you have to do is to follow all the instructions

To do this touch and follow few things are required , see the items below:

  • Get A Ring
  • Touch And Follow Ring

  • Get Red Lizard (Lizard with Red Head)
  • Touch And Follow Lizard

  • Get A casket
  • Touch and follow casket


    Getting A Ring plays a great Roll . This is the ring you are going to wear and touch the girl and she will follow you immediately

    Get A red Headed lizard

    you need to get this lizard alive

    Force the ring inside the Stomach of the lizard

    Put the lizard inside the casket And Dig Ground and put the casket inside

    Leave it inside the ground for 4days

    On the 4th day dig and remove the lizard And The Ring

    Were the ring and touch any woman , she will automatically follow you

    This ring have two function let me explain below How You Can Wear it and touch a lady and she will follow you

    The image below Explain The Touch And Follow For $€x

    Touch and follow hand1

    This is if you want to have $€x instantly with her,this method Does not garranty you commanding her to give you money

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    Place the link according to the way you see it on the image above

    The second method is to command her to give you money

    Check below to see how to place the ring proper if you want it to work

    Touch and follow hand2

    Important Notice To Take into Consideration

    Note: if you are not ready To have $€x Avoid This Touch And Follow Format Scam

    Conclusion On : Touch And Follow Scam format

    The Above Information has explained it all

    Note : To Break the Touch and Follow charm You will need to Put The Ring Inside the condom you want to use to sleep with the lady

    put the ring inside for 5minute before sleep!ng with her

    After That The Charm will authomatically break keep on doing the same thing and be making your cool cash

    You can always use this method on any rich sugar Mummy and make cool cash from them.

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