Medical Billing Format For Yahoo To Bill A Client

Medical Billing Format For Yahoo To Bill A Client is what I have for you today, Welcome back hustlers.Today I will be teaching you how to use the medical billing format to bill your Client.

Medical Billing Format For Yahoo To Bill A Client

Probably you must have tried all the Format but no one works out the medical billing Format is really working , you can use it to bill a client in australia and canada. The format is not common that side.

We have many format out their buy medical billing format for Yahoo is really the best format you can get, You can use it to bill your client especially the stubborn client that refuse to pay you.

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Medical Billing Format For Yahoo

What is Medical Billing Format For Yahoo All About

As a Yahoo Boy or Yahoo Girl you will be needing different format which you are going to apply in other to bill your client.

So medical billing format for Yahoo is one of the best format you can use so far.

The medical billing format will make you to act like a very rich person either a guy or a girl , any one can use the Format.

In Due time you will understand all you need to know about medical billing format, keep on reading.

Steps On How To Use Medical Billing Format TO Bill A Client

Find A Client

Find a client, you can get Client using different method, you can get a Client from Facebook , Twitter, Instagram , Telegram , depending on were you normally source your own Client, as for me I normally Make use of instagram to get a Client.

When you get a client make him or her trust you , hook up with him or her for 2months before billing her using the normal medical billing Format as a Yahoo boy or girl you are to bill the client.

Keep getting to know each other proper, that is if you want to use the medical billing Format , you gat to know each other well.

Tell your Client you are going to travel outside the country for an Assignment

For you to use this medical billing Format you must try to convince your client you are traveling out side the country or you base out side the country.

You are going to be using country like , USA , America, Australia, Canada, Singapore

Try and make sure you are not residing in same country with your client to avoid him or her to come see you

You need to convince the client that You are chatting from countries like South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, kenya, You can include Nigeria if you have a picker in Nigeria but I will advice you to exclude Nigeira if you wanna make money Using this medical billing Format.

You must fake the following information below which you can employ a Graphics designer to help you to do that

  • Fake Visa
  • Traveling Documents
  • Fake passport
  • If you have all the necessary information it look real, it will look as if you are really traveling outside the country.
    This format actually work same way the Dating Format work.

    Take a Photoshop of your self having Fun

    You can get a good graphics designer to help you and Photoshop your picture having fun with animals around you lolz , you can still photoshop your self in a good place out side the country with money and expensive drinks around you.
    This will make it real in the eyes of your client.

    Medical billing format

    Claim that you have fallen sick that you need help

    To archive this you need to go offline for like 3 to 4days when you come back you will post that you will be need a help that you are seriously sick out side the country.

    Hey your client must surely need prove, contact your graphics designer to run a Photoshop of you in the hospital.

    The you will drop the following information below to make it real

  • Fake medical billing From Doctor Report
  • The Requirements For Hospital Discharge
  • Promise your client that you ganna refund the money once you are ok
  • So the basic thing you need to know in other for you to bill your Client using the medical billing format for Yahoo to bill your Client:

    You must make sure you client have money that is to make sure he or she is rich

    How To Make the Medical Billing Format work

    When you start rolling with the client from beginning you must do the following:

    1 Promise your Client a good life that is a better life when you see them

    2 if they are sicking for a husband or wife promise to them that you will marry them

    3 promise to them that you are going to set up a business for them

    4 Tell them you ganna take them on vacation when you return back

    5 make sure you promise them many thing to make them trust in you

    With all this promises they are not going to ignore you when you are sick ,because Due to the promises they will try their possible best to assist you but make sure you get a rich client that can afford to assist you.

    With this I am sure is not hard using this medical billing Format for yahoo to bill your Client. Infact is the sweatiest format to use in billing a client.
    You can drop your question below if you have any one.

    Stay safe and hustle smartly be like Mr rich the rich hustler that is me

    Don’t miss chances you only live once , stay safe


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